Style Stich proudly presents itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality children and infant garments.
  We know what kids love to wear and we design the clothing for them keeping in view their soft body and innocent looks. The colors and the design complement the beauty of childhood. In range of our kids clothing the use of various motifs like flowers, animals, dolls make the kids designer clothing more attractive. Made of the finest fabrics they are a must for every buyer.
You classify the kids and Style Stich will not only match their class but also make them class apart. The stock of happiness which Style Stich offers to kids are:
  Baby Dresses
Skirts Tops Sets Pants
T-shirts, Shirts, Sweat Shirts
Trousers, Track Suits
Shorts, Night Wear
Jumper Suits
A variety of other knitted garments


  Winter Collection (2004-05)
  note* this collection is infant's between age group of 3 months to 3 years
  SS 31065 (DRESS) SS 31061 (TOP) + SS 31082 (PANT) SS 31153 (TOP) + SS 31103 (PANT) SS 31035 (TOP) + 31077 (PANT)
  SS 31122 (ROMPER) SS 31044 (T-SHIRT) + SS 31086 (PANT) SS 31059 (T-SHIRT) + SS 31127 (PANT) SS 31133 (ROMPER)
  SS 31062 (DRESS) SS 31016 (JACKET) + SS 31089 (PANT) SS 31138 (JACKET) SS 31150 (DRESS)
  SS 31135 (DRESS) SS 31116 (SHIRT) + SS 31146 (PANT) SS 31139 (JACKET) SS 31041 (T-SHIRT) + SS 31076 (PANT)
  SS 31131 (DRESS) SS 31117 (T-SHIRT) + SS 31105 (PANT) SS 31068 (TOP) + SS 31080 (PANT) SS 31048 (T-SHIRT) + SS 31136 (PANT)
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